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Automating your team's blockchain data engineering work to get you ahead in the market. Covers over 240k+ NFT collections and 50+ marketplaces, automatically indexing across Ethereum, Solana and BNB chain. Aptos & more coming soon.

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Composable API & SDK

Interface built for a delightful blockchain data wrangling experience. We parse transactions within seconds of block confirmation and add new marketplaces, collections and blockchains with rapid speed. Our data engineering methodology and indexing engine is unrivalled.

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OUR Team

Built by an enterprise experienced data team

Coming from institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Google, Revolut, RBS, Drover, Bloomberg & JP Morgan

Parit Patel
Co-founder & CEO

Previously CFO of Drover, Europe's largest car subscription fintech (exited to Cazoo). Background in investment banking, worked with world's largest financial institutions. Read PPE in Warwick University.
Efe (FJ) Surekli
Co-founder & CTO

Efe is a 2x Founder. Applied AI and blockchain engineer, having been in the early engineering team of Tractable the Unicorn insure-tech in the UK. Postgrad from Cambridge University.
Data Scientist

Veteran quant, deeply embedded in web3 and loves philosophy. Develops pricing models for fun and profit.
Hasan Bal
Software Engineer

Hasan is a Software Engineer that has experience in big tech and finance companies such as Meta, Google, and J.P. Morgan. He has a passion for working with advanced algorithms and optimization methods.
Suleyman  Ekmekci
Backend Engineer

Suleyman hails from Bloomberg and Getir. Programming is his passion, and loves taking on challenges outside of this comfort zone.
Efe (Rick) Uzel
Data Engineer

Efe is a veteran data engineer having previously worked at Goldman Sachs on building, scaling secure trading systems. Prior to that, worked on highly secure missile firing system development.
BeŇüir Kassab
Junior Software Engineer
Previously working on novel TCP iterations. Now working on developing cutting-edge web3 indexers.
Faris Riaz
Content Marketing & Business Development

NFT degen, writer and relationship builder. Enterprise sales experience from Revolut.
Jero Houlin
Data Analyst

Developed automated trading strategies, built dashboards for monitoring / due diligence, led an investment fund and worked R&D for a leading dApp in the DeFi ecosystem.

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Uses advanced data science techniques to parse and label NFT trades, collections and marketplaces

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Multi-chain including Ethereum, Solana, BNB and Polygon


Bank-level grade security and privacy

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Robust back-end architecture, ensuring 24/7 access to data